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6 Reasons for TomTom Work

It really is that easy!

TomTom originally made its name developing easy-to-use Satellite Navigation systems for the general public. And at TomTom WORK we don't see why it should be any different for businesses. Which is why you get user-friendly, connected navigation that even the least technical of your colleagues will find simple and reassuring to use.

It benefits your business, your customers and your people.

Connected navigation is all about clear communication and transparent management. It helps your drivers in the field. It lets you see when people are doing a good job. And it motivates and helps everyone better and more efficiently.

We find that people welcome TomTom WORK with open arms! From navigation to itinerary scheduling, from smart communication between driver and office to support and back-up at the touch of a screen. Connected navigation improves the day-to-day working lives of drivers and their coordinators in so many ways. Making their jobs safer, more rewarding and less stressful.

TomTom WORK also builds trust with your clients, who can see that you're a transparent business partner, working day in and day out to improve the quality and efficiency of your services.

No IT support + No IT maintenance = No IT headaches.

The beauty of TomTom WEBFLEET being internet-based technology is that there's absolutely no IT maintenance on your side. You can access and manage all your data online, with no need for any software.

Of course some businesses like to be able to download their WEBFLEET data into their own systems. So we give you two user-friendly options: You can use TomTom WORK's specially designed online interface to link WEBFLEET to your own IT systems. Or simply download your WEBFLEET data ready-to-use in Excel. And because WEBFLEET uses a secure data connection, there are no IT security headaches either.

No installation hassles.

TomTom WEBFLEET is a subscription service, which means no installation. And each TomTom GO comes ready to Plug & Drive. So again, no installation issues. The only installation necessary is a TomTom LINK in each vehicle, done quickly and without fuss by approved partners, where and when it suits you.

No upgrade worries.

With some fast-moving technology it's wise to wait for the release of a better or quicker version. But because TomTom WEBFLEET is a subscription service, you get all the new upgrades as and when you need them. Meanwhile, every day you're not subscribed to TomTom WEBFLEET is another day we aren't helping you reduce your costs and increase your business.

One bill, no hidden costs.

There really are no hidden costs. Just a monthly subscription price, fixed upfront. But along the way, you may find that there are a few hidden savings…

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