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E-Waste Recycle & Disposal

We recycle ALL electronics

Bardissi Enterprises will take small to large amounts of unwanted e-waste and issue your company a certificate that guarantees the safe and responsible handling of these materials to our local warehouse.

We work with organizations of all sizes.

Bardissi Enterprises will collect personal e-waste from your employees. Many of our companies encourage their employees to bring their unwanted computers and televisions from home, which Bardissi Enterprises will pick-up and discard for you.

What Do We Recycle?

We recycle ALL electronics including:

Computers Computer Monitors
Cables Batteries
Shredders Scanners
Printers Stereo Systems
Copy Machines Cell Phones
Speakers Circuit Boards
Calculators Routers
Electronic Components Cameras
Fax Machines Radios
Recorders Televisions

Please contact us for any questionable electronic item.

Corporate Recycling

Federal and state regulations regarding electronic waste specifically require businesses and organizations to dispose of non-working and obsolete products in an environmentally sound manner. These regulations are meant to prevent selected high technology products from ending up in landfills where toxic elements could leach into the water stream. Call Bardissi Enterprises for an immediate quote for disposal costs.

Large quantity generators, schools, government agencies and certain non-profit organizations may be eligible for quantity pricing or special discounts. You may also be entitled to an offset or revenue sharing, depending on the quality of the equipment.

Indicate quantity and item type (computer, monitor, terminal, printer, other).

If necessary, Bardissi Enterprises will contact an authorized individual to arrange equipment review and pick up.

Government Regulations

State and Federal environmental agencies have determined that certain non-working and obsolete electronic products must be treated as hazardous waste if intended for disposal. Monitors and terminals contain from 4 to 8 pounds of lead, and fail the TCLP test for toxicity. Circuit boards in electronic products contain lead solder, mercury, and cadmium which also often fail the TCLP test. These items should be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.

The key points of most state and federal regulations are:

  • All non-working /obsolete computer products should be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Monitors and terminals are always a hazardous waste (or household hazardous waste, if from household use).
  • Other components of a computer system (e.g., circuit boards, keyboards, mice, printers) could be hazardous depending on their lead, mercury, or cadmium content, which can vary from product to product and even from production run to production run.
  • The generator continues to be responsible for product improperly disposed of through non-recycling channels.
  • Donated equipment must be operational and for continued use.
  • Storage for over 90-180 days may be a violation.
  • Substantial penalties may apply for non-compliance.

The good news is Bardissi Enterprises will provide a turnkey solution. Simply email using the form “request information” on our homepage toolbar and we will promptly make removal and disposal arrangements.



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