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We offer Data Recovery in the Event of Disaster

The Value of Data Recovery

Before you hit the panic button, contact Bardissi Enterprises. Our data loss solution will save the day!

Did you know that hard drives are the most fragile component in your PC? The fragile nature of hard drives means that data loss is a fairly common occurrence; it has been estimated that 6% of computers experience some form of data loss every year! Since data loss is such a common problem, Bardissi Enterprises has the tools and know-how to dig into your broken hard drive and retrieve your important information. Bardissi Enterprises can perform this service on all types of hardware to recover your valuable data.


We Offer Secure Data Destruction

Destruction of Sensitive Customer Information

Whenever a computer or hard drive leaves your company, it's important to remove sensitive information or erase the hard drive first.

The drive might be recycled into another computer, donated to charity or simply sold off -- but whatever its fate, it's good common sense to wipe it clean before putting it into anyone else's hands.


Maintain Business Continuity with our Data Backup and Recovery Services

Bardissi Enterprises's Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

It's important to implement a data recovery solution as part of a concise business continuity plan.

There once was a time where companies required steel filing cabinets to store information. That time is long gone. Today, most of the documents your employees rely on to make your business run properly are of the digital variety. Document duplication, fire proof vaults, and off-site filing systems once were more prominent because that was the best way for companies to endure events where their data might be lost. All this extra storage was part of their business continuity plan. They knew that if a disaster ever struck, losing all of their work could be a fatal blow to their business.


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Downtime Cost Calculator

Bardissi Cost Calculator The next time you want to drive home the importance of maintaining a stable technical environment, show solid evidence of the true cost of system downtime.

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