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TomTom GPS Fleet Solutions

TomTom WORK introduces connected navigation

Connected navigation = Tracking & tracing + navigation + communication. Connected navigation helps you to improve management and control of your vehicles and drivers and offers easy two-way communication and navigation for your staff on the road and in the office.

TomTom WORK offers a connected navigation solution that combines plug and play "tracking and tracing" and "fleet management" technology with smart navigation and communication tools. All you need is a TomTom LINK tracking device connected to the TomTom GO in your vehicle and a computer with internet connection to the web-based tracking application, TomTom WEBFLEET. No special software or IT integration is required.

Monitor and guide your vehicles and staff, manage and plan your business, communicate with your drivers and help them find their way the easy way!

TomTom WORK: Plan your day the easy way!

TomTom WORK brings:

Smart and efficient tracking, tracing and planning View your vehicles in real time on street level maps and know their exact location. Identify where the vehicle is located against your planning and optimize your vehicle staff when new tasks are added to the workday.

Easy and clear navigation:

Navigation by order with destination address makes the driver's job a lot easier and less stressful.

Two way communication:

Send (standard) text messages from and to the office, give client orders and locations or send tasks with navigation coordinates via the PC in the office to the drivers. Simple and Quick!

Professional reporting:

Make automatic logbooks of driving time, times of standstill times for mile registration, payroll and expense reporting. Receive daily, weekly or monthly reports specific to your business needs.

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