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We recycle ALL electronics

How We Handle the Problem

Bardissi Enterprises will take small to large amounts of unwanted e-waste and issue your company a certificate that guarantees the safe and responsible handling of these materials to our local warehouse.

We work with organizations of all sizes.

Bardissi Enterprises will collect personal e-waste from your employees. Many of our companies encourage their employees to bring their unwanted computers and televisions from home, which Bardissi Enterprises will pick-up and discard for you.



Did you Know you can Recycle your Old Cell Phone?

Recycling cell phones is a high priority to help preserve the environment.

It is said that there are over 203 million cell phone users in the United States alone, and over 2 billion worldwide. These are alarming figures when on average these users get a new phone every 12 months. That potentially puts 2.2 billion cell phones into our waste stream every year.

With cell phones containing so many toxic materials, it is imperative that we join the Cellular Challenge today and recycle our cell phones properly.


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