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2X Software is a global leader in virtual desktop, application delivery and mobile device management solutions. Thousands of organizations worldwide trust in the reliability and scalability of 2X products. 2X offers a range of solutions to make every organization’s shift to cloud computing simple and affordable. 

2X RAS - Remote Application Server

Easy to configure and install, 2X RAS can be set up in less than five minutes.  2X Remote Application Server delivers Windows applications to any user, even remote users anywhere, irrespective of the operating system, computer or mobile device being used.

2X RAS prolongs the lifespan of your Windows XP, 7 and 8 clients by converting them into pseudo thin clients. Shadowing of your Windows machines for faster and better troubleshooting is possible on the full desktop. You can shadow both local and remote applications at the same time.


  • Delivers virtual desktops and applications to any mobile & desktop device.
  • Easy to manage and configure.
  • Windows XP, 7 and 8 PCs converted into fully secured managed clients.
  • Online access to your office resources without a client installed.
  • Effortless shadowing locally and remotely.
  • Guaranteed high availability and smooth business continuity.
  • Supports all major hypervisors from Microsoft, VMware and Citrix.
  • Integrates powerful universal printing and scanning functionality.
  • Consistent resource-based load balancing.
  • Cost-effective solution with high ROI.

2X MDM – Mobile Device Management

With 2X MDM, administration of mobile devices becomes a lot easier by allowing you to configure settings remotely and for many mobile devices at once. 2X MDM allows you to remotely enforce strong password policies on your Android and iOS devices, remotely wipe all sensitive data from them or remotely lock them via SMS.

Manually managing files on your devices is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. With 2X MDM you can comfortably control devices remotely from a browser with your keyboard and mouse, and easily manage important files by dragging and dropping them between your browser and device.


  • Affordable mobile device management.
  • Easy to use, purchase and scale.
  • Hosted and on-premises editions.
  • Unparalleled Android manageability.
  • Remote lock and wipe (also through SMS) to preserve your corporate data.
  • Enforce corporate password policies.
  • Find, track and view full location history.
  • Monitor for malware and inappropriate apps.
  • Mass deploy, whitelist & blacklist apps.
  • Configure corporate email and Wi-Fi settings remotely.
  • Access all of your device’s information and even take control of its camera remotely.

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microsoft partner networkReceive Quality Services and Software Solutions from Bardissi Enterprises

As a leader in the software industry, Microsoft is well-known for providing quality products and solutions for small businesses. Bardissi Enterprises can proudly say we are Microsoft-certified resellers, providing tried and true products and services for our clients.

When it comes to staying productive at work, quality software and hardware can go a long way. With nearly 40 years of experience, Microsoft has been providing solutions for business owners around the world. Particularly in the Hatfield community, Bardissi Enterprises has been providing these same fixes since 2000. Just like Microsoft, we want to see your business reach its full potential, and we can provide you with the tools to make that happen.


Manage Your Current and Future Customers

CRM for an Efficient Sales Process

Manage your current and future customers with a comprehensive customer relationship management solution.

As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibility. You need to consider many variables just to keep your organization productive and profitable. Your employees are behind the scenes working to make your brand the best it can be. Just as important as you and your employees is the customer, who possesses the fuel that runs your business. By finding a solution to integrate all three variables in one easy-to-manage interface, it can really be beneficial for your growing company.


We Offer the Microsoft Office Cloud-Based Productivity Suite

Avoid Software Licensing Headaches

Variable payment options give you the freedom to pay only for the software you need.

For small and midsized businesses, the Microsoft Office productivity suite is a staple in your software cupboard. Consider how much you have paid for each software license. How would you feel about spending a fraction of the cost for the entire Microsoft Office productivity suite, and with it, get some of the most revolutionary collaboration tools available?

Bardissi Enterprises is proud to offer the Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based productivity suite to small and midsized businesses. Per user monthly billing rather than the traditional per machine rate, significantly reduces the amount your organization has to spend to get the same productivity suite that you are used to.


Access Your Favorite Google Apps Anywhere with Cloud-Based Solutions

Experience Real-Time Collaboration in the Cloud

Applications in the cloud that make it possible to unite your team from anywhere!

Google has made it easy for your business to take advantage of cloud-based productivity. By doing your work with Google Apps, your projects will always be backed up and accessible by everyone on your team from the web browser of any device. Team collaboration has never been so easy. For a small monthly fee, billed per user, your team can collaborate like never before. Thanks to the Google Apps cloud-based model, gone are the days when employees are tied to workstations having to share projects over the network; instead, all your work is securely stored in the cloud.


Maintain Data Security Throughout Your Company

Professional Solutions That Help You Control Your Organization's Information

With Bardissi Enterprises's Identity Management solution you'll add a powerful and affordable solution to manage user access.

Maintaining data security is crucial for any company. As a small business owner, it becomes the kind of issue that, if compromised, may just be enough to hinder your organization's ability to run smoothly and put in jeopardy all you've worked so hard for. At Bardissi Enterprises, we are known for providing small and mid-sized businesses useful solutions that remove the boundaries that often hold these organizations back from realizing revenue-boosting operational efficiency.


Save Money and Office Space With Bardissi Enterprises's Document Management System

Our Document Management Solution

Catalog your organization's essential files.

Does your organization have file cabinets taking up half of your office? You wouldn't keep all those files unless they were important. Bardissi Enterprises has a solution to handle your company's information. We offer a comprehensive document management solution as a repository to help you streamline your business and improve the speed of productivity.


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